Friday, March 2, 2012

Things they say and do - The bedtime story edition

There is a scene in Love Actually where Andrew Lincoln confesses his love for the already married Keira Knightly. Let's not pretend any of us know the names of the characters in this film, it's all Emma, Hugh, Keira and that girl from Eastenders, let's be honest. Anyway I am digressing. He tells her how he feels and then walks away and says to himself, "Enough" and then he begins to move on.

This is how I felt after writing yesterday's post. Not only did the act of writing once again help me to see more clearly, but all the supportive comments, tweets and messages made me feel reassured and lighter. Thank you.

Needless to say I probably need to do a 'Things they say and do' post more than ever this week and seeing as we have has World Book Day, this particular nightly ritual that Mini Mck has instigated seemed perfect. Tonight we were treated to The Very Hungry Caterpiller, but last night it was My Mum and Dad make me laugh. Enjoy.

I am linking up to Thinly Spread's 'Things they say and do'. For more cute kids visit Chris' fabulous blog.


  1. Aw, I've gone all teary! That's lovely. I love that he says 'My Dad yikes' their voices are so cute at that age. What a fabulous bed time ritual! Thanks for sharing on The Things, I'm so glad you are feeling a bit better. Being a parent is bloody hard work.

  2. oh no..................... I love him so much. Bedtime and books and so precious


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