Friday, February 10, 2012

The things they say and do: The road rage edition

Last week I warmed your hearts with stories of cute trains and reminded myself to grasp those precious moments that sneak up on us throughout the long toddler days. This week my tale of things Mini Mck has said or done is a little less heart-warming, but it still made me smile, even though I had to stifle my sniggers for the sake of good parenting.

Tuesday, in a small queue of traffic waiting to leave a car park.

Mini Mck: Look! It's lots of byoomin' (bloomin') people in their byoomin', cars.

Me: Mini, we don't say that word it's not nice, they are not byoomin' people.

Mini Mck: Yes they are......

Me: *sigh*

Wednesday, while putting the shopping in the boot of the car

Mini Mck: There's a byoomin' yady (lady)

Me: No, she's a lovely lady

Mini Mck:  Yes, a byoomin' lovely yady.

Me: *sigh*

I think that perhaps I need to modify my car speak. I'm not proud, but on the other hand it could be much, much worse.

I am including this post to Thinly Spread's link up, which celebrates those things children say and do that shouldn't be forgotton. Pop over to share in some lovely stories, that probably don't involve road rage.


  1. Oh it could be SO much worse! I think that's rather cute. Thanks for linking again, I am enjoying this so much! :-)

  2. This really ticked me. My two go "Oh for pity's sake Mummy", they sound so much like me


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